„Dry fermentation“; Ideal for the biological fraction?

The Mechanical Biological Technology (MBA/MBS) is a new way of active treatment of the organic solid waste ending up in a product that is stabilised.

by Mario Caviezel

Composting the end product is usually a problem due to heavy metal or other "unhelpful" by-products. Still there is a lot of energy in the organic waste and with an anaerobic process, at least this part can be used. Therefore many companies tried to make Biogas out of the biological fraction with more or less success. The reason for this is that the waste usually contains sand, stones, glass and other heavy, settable products. Many of the systems just can handle this. In a laid plug flow fermenter and a "dry" technology the problem of clogging can be settled. The lying plug flow fermenter works satisfactorily for the continuous fermentation of bio wastes for many years. The plug flow makes a fermentation process possible without additional liquid and can be extremely stable operated in the thermophyl temperature range. The plug flow fermenter is also used successfully in the range of the fermentation of regenerating raw materials. In addition the gas utilisation technologies like cleaning on natural gas quality and feed to the natural gas net are presented.

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published: Wasteconsult international, MBT 2007 (May 2007), 5|2007
Keywords: Energy Recovery, Material Recovery, Biomass