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Waste water pipelines with a surge vessel plant in the desert of Kuwait

Kuwait city, located on the Arabian Gulf, with a total population of circa 2.5 million (only of which 0.8 million are Kuwaiti nationals), is considered to be a fast growing city.

by Markus Rieder

 To handle the steady increase of waste water produced, the Kuwait authorities decided to decommission the small existing waste water treatment plant which was located in Ardiya, an urban part of Kuwait city and to construct a new larger capacity waste water treatment plant outside of the city in the desert area Sulaibiya. In order to transport the required waste water quantities of up to 600.000 m3/d from Ardiya to the new waste water treatment plant, it was necessary to construct three 23 km pressure pipelines, and a pumping station including a surge vessel plant on the former site of the Ardiya treatment plant.

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published: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH, 3R 8-9 / 2004 (August 2004), 8|2004
Keywords: Vehicle Fleet, Garage, Kuwait
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