Cement-mortar linings for ferrous-material pipes Part 1: Physical and corrosion-chemical aspects

For more than 100 years cement mortar has been used as internal corrosion protection for water pipes of steel and ductile iron.

by Dr. rer. nat. Hans-J├╝rgen Kocks, Werner Siedlarek

The combination of these 2 components has proved to be a perfect solution – not only regarding the physical and mechanical aspects, also with respect to the corrosion chemical side for pipelines and construction pipes. This report gives a survey on questions that are often discussed in practical use concerning the possibilities and limits for the use of cement mortar linings in the drinking water area.

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published: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH, 3R 10 / 2004 (Oktober 2004), 10|2004
Keywords: Energy Recovery, Material Recovery