QuiS: CloseFit lining - Drain and sewer rehabilitation with built-in quality assurance

The widespread opinion that the quality of a drain/sewer rehabilitation project is determined only by the final link in the chain, i.e., the person ultimately performing the job, is wrong.

by Dipl.-Ing. Ines Hamjediers

High quality can only ever be achieved provided system operators, engineering consultants, process providers and companies coordinate their efforts and each, individually, meet their responsibilities. The fact that the risk of losses of quality on site due to unpredictable and greatly fluctuating site conditions is greatest in the case of the executing persons cannot be disputed, however. An enormous “quality-safety factor” can be achieved using CloseFit liners, however. These are factory produced like standard pipes for installation new and are not susceptible to on-site changes to their materials properties.

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published: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH, 3R 12 / 2004 (December 2004), 12|2004
Keywords: Material Recovery, Plastics