Preface 6th International ASA-Waste Days

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to give you my sincerest welcome to the International 6th ASA Waste Days here in Hanover. Especially to those persons coming from abroad set out on the long trip to Hanover.

by Thomas Grundmann

Since June 1st, 2005 a new age started in the Waste Management of the Federal Republic of Germany. Landfilling of not pre-treated wastes is definitely gone. We have chosen the title of the 6th ASA Waste Days "Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment MBT in Practice" knowing that form June 1st, 2005 on most of the MBT plants turned from a constructional phase into a start-up phase. MBT technology has established itself in Germany and in many European countries this technology is about to be introduced and will gain its place in the national waste management. One of today's lectures will deal with a more detailed European view.

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published: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stoffspezifische Abfallbehandlung ASA e.V., Abfalltage 2006 (September 2006), 2|2006
Keywords: Policy Tax Instruments, Germany