Residual municipal waste composition analysis – New methods for Czech waste management

Relevant information about MW composition and proper forecasting of MW composition is crucial for relevant technical and economical modelling and business planning in the field of waste management. These include techno-economical models of MW treatment units, e.g. sorting line, transfer station, energy recovery, waste collection and transport or a regional waste collection and treatment system modelling (Kropáč et al. 2018) and complex business models concerning specific investments in waste management. In this context, there is a project under the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

by Kropáč, Jiří; Gregor, J.; and Pavlas, Martin

Relevant and comparable information about municipal waste composition is essential for waste management modelling and planning at all territorial administration levels. Relevant information of the municipal waste composition and quality forecasts of the future composition are crucial for the development of relevant models and plans in the field of waste management, e.g. techno-economic models of MW treatment units (sorting line, transfer station, energy recovery or waste collection system modelling) and also complex business models (previously presented Flow Task Tool) concerning specific investments in waste management.

In the European Union, the European Commission seeks to support a vision of the circular economy, as summarized in the Circular Economy Package from the European Commission (2015). Developments in EU waste management are heading towards the unified European Reference Model on Waste (Eunomia Research & Consulting 2015). This situation will affect the development of new methodologies for municipal waste composition analyses in individual European Union Member States. Therefore, there is a project under the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, leading to a proposal for a new Czech certified methodology. Brno University of Technology, Institute of Process Engineering, is the coordinator of this project. The aim is to provide a methodology that provides basic data for complex statistical processing and enables relevant forecasting of the development of municipal waste composition.

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published: Recy & DepoTech, 11|2020
Keywords: Methods, Analyses, Data, Czech Republic