Correlations between enzymatic activities and physiochemical / chemical characteristics of MSW composts during controlled storage

The purpose of this study was following some enzymatic activities [lipases (C10), cellulases and proteases] of three different Portuguese MSW composts during their storage at controlled conditions and trying to understand the relationship between enzymatic activities and physicochemical/chemical parameters.

by M.-Christine Freitas Morais, Prof. A. Cristina Cunha Queda

During 40 weeks, the stored composts were analysed regularly since they get out of composting plants. In order to characterise the composts, enzymatic activities [lipases (C10), cellulases and proteases] and parameters such as moisture, organic matter, total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, C:N ratio, pH and electrical conductivity were evaluated. Results showed some correlation between total and ammonium nitrogen and the studied enzymatic activities. Moreover, some correlations among studied enzymatic activities were found.

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published: European Compost Network ECN e.V., ORBIT 2003 (May 2003), 5|2003
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