Machine-Solutions for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – Approaches for New Developments

The critical points of the centralized system are examined and technical decentralized wastewater-treatment solutions are presented.

by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Christ

Not only the recent effects of the catastrophic flood of the Elbe and its tributaries show the susceptibility of a centralized system for disposal and clarification of wastewater. Sewage treatment plant situated near the rivers were flooded and became ineffective although a great part of the connected population was not directly affected by the flood catastrophy. For many weeks the wastewater of several ten thousand residents will be discharged into the environment without prior treatment. The ecological effects of the flood will definitely will be continuing for a long time.
It is a natural disadvantage of a centralized system that the connected population is entirely affected whenever such a system fails. It is therefore no surprise that the internet pioneers whose initial intention was the exchange of military information soon preferred decentralized structures. But the susceptibility of centralized systems is not the only reason to follow new ways of water supply and wastewater disposal.

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published: TU München - Lehrstuhl für Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, 2002 - Water - The Essence of Life, But Elusive to Many
Symposium Firma Huber (September 2002), 9|2002
Keywords: Material Flow Management
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