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THE GERMAINE PROJECT - Environmental management and benchmarking a theatre

The project GERMAINE stands for Gestion Responsable et MAîtrise des Indicateurs Environnementaux: Responsible management through Environmental Performance Indicators. The goal of GERMAINE is to distribute environmental best-practice cases and to raise the awareness for norms, standards and tools for environmental management in public entities and the services sector.

by Isabelle Verbeke

This case study is about the creation of useful indicators to find a relaible database for the comparison of environmental impact in different European Opera houses. The project was carried out in the Theatre Royal de la Monnaie - The Royal Opera House of  Brussels, Belgium.

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published: INEM - International Network for Environmental Management, Case Studies in Environmental Management ENVIRONMENTAL BENCHMARKING (Oktober 2005), 2|2003
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Resource Management, Training, Waste Prevention, Belgium
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