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Study of the organic matter contained in leachate resulting from two modes of landfilling: leachate recirculation and mechanical- biological pretreatment before landfilling

Landfilling remains the most widely used treatment process of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW). Today two main landfilling approaches are developping such as Bioreactor concept and Mechanical-Biological Pretreatment (MBP) before landfilling.

by Céline Berthe, G. Feuillade, Estelle Redon

The purpose of this study is to compare the both methods on the acceleration of waste degradation. Measurements of global parameters (DCO, COD, UV...) and fractionations of organic matter on XAD resins were regularly carried out on leachates resulting from three experimental pilots. Comparing MBP and Bioreactor leachates, results indicate that the degradation state of Bioreactor leachate is less advanced than those of MBP leachates. Organic load (COD) is approximately 15 times higher than load observed for the MBP cells and humic substances concentration in MBP leachates is much higher than in Bioreactor leachate.
Keywords leachate recirculation ; Mechanical-Biological Pretreatment ; waste degradation ; organic matter ; fractionation ; stabilization.

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published: Wasteconsult international, MBT 2005 (November 2005), 11|2005
Keywords: Installation
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