Extensive Environmental Technologies for Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste and Waste Water

Mechanical and biological treatment has been established as a concept of handling municipal solid waste. The biological process aims to degrade the organic fraction of the waste to a stabilized product through fermentation and rotting processes. The final maturation produces a depositable residual waste.

by Dr. Peter Schalk

The other option -drying process- reduces the moisture content of the waste and facilitates solid recovered fuels. From municipal solid waste the organic fraction and water are the main sources of emissions on landfills and therefore waste treatment is especially focused on wet organic fraction. There is a direct relationship of organic waste and water content through biological degradation and dewatering of solid waste. An extensive management of mechanicalbiological treatment contains processing of solid waste together with process water. Proven technology as Membrane BioReactor system for waste water treatment is shown.

Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, biodegradation, mechanical-biological treatment, membrane bioreactor, percolation, process water treatment, solid recovered fuel, waste water treatment

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published: Wasteconsult international, MBT 2005 (November 2005), 11|2005
Keywords: Collection, Energy Recovery, Landfilling, Material Recovery, Biomass, Electronic Waste