MBT before landfilling in France – state of the art and results of mass balance in SDEE – Mende Landfill

Recently, several French communities have shown interest towards the installations of mechanical and biological treatment of their domestic waste in order to respond to the requirements of the European regulation. This paper presents the current situation of MBT waste in France, based on the experience of the French units, and approaches in particular: the process configurations, the pre-treatment durations, the landfilling capacity, the quantity of processed waste per year and the expected residual waste quality.

by J. de Araújo Morais, Faouzia Achour, G. Ducom, R. Bayard

Furthermore, the first results related to the mass balance of the SDEE – Mende MBT unit are presented. The mass balance of the MBT plant is exposed in relation to the Dry Matter (DM), Volatile Matter (VM), Oxidative Organic Matter (OOM) and Inert Matter (IM) like plastics and inorganic products.

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published: Wasteconsult international, MBT 2005 (November 2005), 11|2005
Keywords: Material Recovery, France