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Modeling of waste management processes so as to increase the efficient use of natural resources – outlook and future demands

Since the ban on placing untreated waste in landfill sites (Technical Instructions on Municipal Waste) came into force in June 2005, the increasing number of material waste streams in need of coordination has led to increased complexity of the recycling and disposal structures in the waste management and recycling industry, whereby the issues of material and energy efficiency are gaining importance. An approach to analyzing and optimizing these complex processes is offered in a project currently being undertaken at Bremen University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with partners from the industry itself. Here, as the basis for the development of software applications, a material flow model for the waste management and recycling industry is being developed for the purpose of supporting material waste flow management and thus helping to lay the foundations for better resource and cost efficiency in this industry. Keywords: Modeling, waste management processes, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, material efficiency, material flow analysis. 1 The need for action 2 Project description 2.1 Aims 2.2 Development of a waste characteristic 3 Case study: Optimization of a waste-fueled power station

by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Albers, Dipl.-Geoökol. Sebastian Wolff, Dr. Martin Wittmaier, Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Langer, Anke Schmidt

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published: Wasteconsult international, Waste-to-Resources 2009 (May 2009), 6|2009
Keywords: Bulky Waste, Management Systems, Resource Management
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