Mechanical-biological pre-treatment of municipal solid waste in Asia

The potential of mechanical-biological pre-treatment (MBP) technology was recognized in Asian countries. The processes involves concur with the needed treatment for the waste quality and environmental conditions in developing economies. The high organic fraction and moisture content of solid waste were potential for MBP. This technology extensively enhanced waste stabilization and provides various advantages.

by Prof. Dr. Chettiyappan Visvanathan, Dr. Ing. Josef Tränkler, Prof. Dr. Chart Chiemchaisri

Tropical weather with alternation of an arid and humid/rainy season may affect the biological treatment systems particularly the open pit-windrow composting. However, improved optimization measures may overcome such limitations. Nevertheless, anaerobic digestion is another treatment option that can be considered. The significant results from the MBP process in the presented case studies seemed to be stimulating towards sustainability because of significant pollutant load reduction while recycling/converting the waste into resources. Mechanical treatment processes conditions the waste for the subsequent biological treatment. Aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion were among the biological pre-treatment processes. Thus, MBP system conserves and preserves both the resources and environment; it will be the prevailing system in the near future in Asia.

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published: Wasteconsult international, MBT 2005 (November 2005), 11|2005
Keywords: Material Recovery