Use of resistance welding for PE pipes in large DNs up to d = 710 mm

PE pipes have been in use, producing extremely good results, for practically fifty years now. Polyethylene is now a well established material for gas and water supply systems, and also in the fields of waste-water disposal, drains and sewers, and a large range of other industrial applications.

by Robert Eckert

 PE piping systems, including larger nominal diameters, long ago became standard features of both invitations to tender and specifications issued by underground and pipe engineering companies. Transmission pipelines of DN 500 and larger are nowadays installed as a matter of routine. For these large dimensions, too, the resistance welding method remains indispensable as a joining method. Process and application- orientated know-how is not only the vital basis for safe and dependable handling, it also improves cost-efficiency, both during the construction phase and during operation.

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published: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH, 3R 4-5 / 2004 (April 2004), 4|2004
Keywords: Material Recovery, Construction Waste, Hazardous Waste