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AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH

The AWG is responsible for the organisational matters of waste management such as waste consulting and public relations in the district of Calw, Germany. In addition it is also specifically in charge of the operation of the disposal facilities and recycling yards as well as the disposal and recycling of the waste produced in the area. AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH has been certified as a specialist waste management company in 2019.

AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH
Gäualle 5
D - 72202 Nagold

+49 7452 6006 7074

Contact person:
Susanne Weber
+49 7452 6006 7072

Inhabitants represented: 156,000 people
Managing Director: Christian Gmeiner
Chairman of the board: Helmut Riegger
Recycling yards: 5
Waste disposal plants: 3
Landfillings for solid municipal waste according to German catagory II: 3
Anaerobic fermenation plant of biowaste: 1
Composting plants of garden and park waste: 2