Argus GmbH
Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Stra├če 20a
D - 10785 Berlin

+49 30 398-060-0
ARGUS Statistics and Information Systems in Environment and Public Health Ltd. was founded in July 1999 as an economically independent enterprise. Core business is the information and data management on all relevant questions in the fields of environment and public health.
Dr.-Ing. Bertram Zwisele
Managing Director / Expert Waste Statistics
Pitt Bargfried
Project Engineer and Project Manager
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Gonser
Project Manager
ARGUS started work in the 1970`s as a working group within the Institute for Quantitative Methods at the Technical University of Berlin. ARGUS e. V. was founded in 1987 and has been working since 1989 as an ancillary institute, associated by way of a co-operation contract with the Technical University.

The expertise and experience of ARGUS GmbH is drawn from the ARGUS e. V. at the Technical University of Berlin.

ARGUS GmbH has taken over the function of a link between science and commerce and industry. Our main clients are public authorities on the regional, national and European level as well as private waste management companies. A network of well-known European partners ensures a successful execution of European and international projects.

The main fields of activity are as follows:
- collection and management of data on waste
- studies on waste management issues
- statistical analysis of environmental data
- training and capacity building in the fields of waste statistics and waste management

ARGUS has a long-standing experience in performance of studies and surveys on waste management on the national and on the European level. Since several years, ARGUS is working as a contractor for Eurostat on the implementation of the Waste Statistics Regulation and on the validation and evaluation of European waste data. ARGUS is thus thoroughly familiar with waste statistics and waste management in the EU and its member states.