VIVO Kommunalunternehmen für Abfall-Vermeidung, Information und Verwertung im Oberland
Valleyer Straße 60
D - 83627 Warngau

+49 (0) 8024 9038-0
"Kommunalunternehmen für Abfall-Vermeidung, Information und Verwertung im Oberland" (VIVO KU for short) is responsible for all waste management tasks in the district of Miesbach, issues and enforces the waste statutes, runs the operational business such as the collection of residual waste, biowaste and paper as well as the waste disposal facilities. VIVO KU concludes waste disposal agreements with third parties and is active in the collection and sorting of packaging. The rights and duties of the municipal enterprise are laid down in the company statutes adopted by the district council of the Miesbach district.
Thomas Frey
The VIVO municipal enterprise is based in the Warngau recycling centre.

The company has an integrated quality and environmental management system. It is a specialised waste management company for the transport, storage, treatment and recycling of waste. VIVO KU has committed itself to qualified environmental performance and is therefore a participant in the Bavarian Environmental Pact - Sustainable Management in the 21st Century.