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Modern Waste-to-Energy plants are extremely complex in terms of the technology used. A sound knowledge of the "fuel" waste as well as its effects on design and operation are crucial criteria for successful planning and implementation of Waste-to-Energy plants.
Dr.-Ing. Ralf Koralewska

For almost 90 years, MARTIN GmbH has been successfully active - as general contractor, consortium partner, supplier of components or engineering partner - in the field of combusting problematic fuels such as low grade coal and waste. The core component of these plants, the combustion grate, is designed and constructed in detail by MARTIN. MARTIN also has a sound knowledge of heat recovery boilers, of flue gas cleaning systems and also of other essential components and systems. Our projects continuously benefit from any new findings. In cooperation with competent partner companies, over 780 lines for combusting waste have been equipped with MARTIN grates worldwide.

MARTIN concentrates all its capacity on the construction of Waste-to-Energy plants and covers all relevant areas, from erection of plants to support/consulting and service/spare part supply.