Garbage is piling up on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal

Since some weeks ago garbage started to be disposed on the streets of Kathmandu causing the stench of this rotting garbage to be unbearable for locals and tourists.

Diana Butron

Kathmandu’s problem with garbage begun when the city intended to dump the garbage at a landfill located next to Bancharedanda, a nearby village. The residents of the village met the trucks of trash with fierce resistance: building barricades on the roads to prevent the garbage trucks to pass and even bombed police with rocks.

A local resident of the village said that in the area garbage is being dumped near people’s homes, when two or three kilometers should be in between the homes and the landfill. He stated that people cannot live near to a landfill and that either the garbage should be dumped somewhere else, or the locals should be relocated.

Officials from the city of Kathmandu claim that they are already working on solutions to the problem, however garbage continues to pile up on the streets.