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#TeamSeas Global Campaign to clean oceans, rivers and beaches

The objective: raise $30 M to remove 30 M pounds of trash by January 2022


#TeamSeas Global Campaign was launched on the 29th of October 2021 by publishing a great amount on videos online to make the announcement. #TeamSeas objective is to raise $30 M to remove 30 M pounds of trash from oceans, rivers, and beaches by January 2022. The cleaning tasks are to be completed in a period of 3 years. All the money raised will be divided evenly and directly destined towards two non-profit-organizations: Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. Each of these organizations is then responsible for cleaning up the equivalent in pounds of what is donated: $1, one pound.
The trash collected will be separated into recyclables when and where this is a possibility. In places where recycling is not possible either because the trash state of contamination or the lack of recycling facilities, it will be destined to proper disposal sites according to local regulations and their capacity.
The cleaning tasks will be directed to three areas: beaches, rivers, and oceans. Beaches will be approached by Ocean Conservancy who will send professional cleaning teams to beaches. Furthermore, events will be held so local supporters can personally contribute and join cleaning endeavours. Rivers will be approached with ‘Interceptors’, a technology from The Ocean Cleanup, which will be funded by the campaign. Ocean’s cleaning tasks will be tackled by #TeamSeas and Oceans’ Conservancy Global Ghost Gear Initiative. They will travel to ‘ghost gear ‘graveyards’’ on the ocean and identify the abandoned gear in the ocean, floated to the ocean, hook it onto boat cranes and remove it from the ocean.
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#TeamSeas Global Campaign to clean oceans, rivers and beaches

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