ESA publishes report on sustainable transition into the ETS

The 14th of September the Environmental Services Association (ESA) published a report on how the EfW sector can undergo a sustainable transition into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Diana Butron

The report outlines a "pragmatic, feasible and equitable approach" that ESA proposes for the application of Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) of EfW facilities. The report title is "A sustainable transition into the Emissions Trading Schemeā€.

The report includes five main areas which are considered as a requirement to ease a transition. The five areas included are: 1) A deliverable timetable, 2) Avoiding unintended consequences such as more waste going to landfill, offshore or waste crime 3) Clear and practical implementation supported by clear regulations for all participants of the supply chain 4) Sustainable economic impacts to protect the waste hierarchy and avoid undue complexity and 5) Incentivising investment.

Four conditions are mentioned as essential to have in place before the full implementation of the ETS in EfW facilities so that the ETS deliver the necessary decarbonisation and net zero targets. The conditions are: 1) Deliver the key Resource & Waste Strategy policies to increase recycling, 2) Implement policies to protect against landfill leakage, 3) Ensure suitable fiscal and volume controls on RDF Exports and 4) Effective regulation and enforcement of waste crime. 
Find the full report document here