Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions

Identifying Members States at risk of not meeting the 2025 preparing for re-use and recycling target for municipal waste, the 2025 recycling target for packaging waste and the 2035 municipal waste landfilling reduction target

European Union

"The Commission’s early warning reports on waste and other compliance promotion activities point to continuous progress in Member States, albeit at different levels of performance. For the EU as a whole, the average rate of municipal waste preparing for re-use and recycling increased over 2010-2020, albeit slowly (from 37% to some 47%), while landfilling has significantly decreased, from 31% to some 23%. However, serious gaps, delays and challenges have also been identified and have to be swiftly addressed."
"Action must include a clear focus on biowaste and packaging waste. Improving waste management performance entails boosting separate collection, which is key to ensure the quality of waste and enable its recycling. In parallel, there is a pressing need to increase preparing for re-use and further develop waste treatment capacities for sorting and recycling in order to advance to the higher steps of the waste hierarchy. Other important measures required concern the improvement of data quality, ensuring effective enforcement of the rules, and deploying enhanced economic instruments, such as efficient extended producer responsibility schemes and fit-for-purpose landfill and incineration taxes."
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