Folha do Amapá: Jader Filho evaluates waste-to-energy for cities

The news reports a meeting between the Minister of Cities, Jader Filho, federal deputy Augusto Pupio, and the president of the Brazilian Association for Waste to Energy Recovery (ABREN), Yuri Schmitke, to discuss the possibility of implementing the Waste to Energy technology (waste to energy recovery) in cities like Macapá and Belém, aiming to solve problems related to the accumulation of urban waste.

The technology consists in transforming waste into electric energy and is already used in several countries. According to studies by ABREN, more than half the garbage produced in the 28 main metropolitan regions in Brazil could generate electricity, supplying about 100 million people. Deputy Pupio highlighted the urgency of solving the problems of energy supply and destination of garbage, which is still disposed of in the open in some localities of Macapá. Minister Jader Filho was enthusiastic about the technology and requested additional studies to discuss the proposal in less than two weeks.