Quotations of the Month from Basel Action Network

Plastic Waste Trade Watch - January 2023

Basel Action Network

"Europe cannot continue to export its waste challenges to third countries with devastating consequences on their climate, environment, and human health. We live in one world and exporting pollution to third countries will have a global impact. We cannot remain idle in the face of what our actions are meaning to the health and human rights of people living in developing countries.”

 -- Labour MEP Cyrus Engerer, on the revised Waste Shipment Regulation adopted by European Parliament, which would ban plastic waste exports outside the E.U.

"Plastic waste is one of the major environmental issues of our age – as a visit to many beaches or inland beauty spots will show. But what’s good for our environment could also have been good for the economy as well. Our recommendation to ban plastic waste exports by 2027 was partly aimed to help develop a multimillion-pound plastic waste recycling industry in the U.K., supporting hundreds of jobs.”
 -- Sir Robert Goodwill, MP, Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, in response to the U.K. government rejecting his committee’s recommendation to ban all plastic waste exports under industry pressure.
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