China is yearning for climate change

How is this statement to be understood?

Ekkehart Gartner

Martin grade in new hall in china                 
A sustainable waste policy (after "waste avoidance") is based on 3 pillars: recycling, thermal utilization and landfill. The different countries of the world are more or less involved in these tasks. In terms of an optimal climate policy, reducing global landfilling is an absolute necessity.

According to a current report from a Munich plant manufacturer*), its Chinese licensee has recently been awarded the contract to build 20 new thermal utilization plants (30 lines). This respectable number of newly built "waste incineration plants" in China reflects only part of the goals of the five-year plan decided by the government there, which fixed the construction of approx. 800 thermal utilization plants for the period from 2016 to 2020 and the expansion of incineration capacity from 2021 to 2025 of a further 100 million tons per year. China alone thus accounts for around 75% of the expansion of new plants for thermal utilization worldwide.

This expansion of thermal utilization capacities in China clearly is an opposing trend to the political tendency in the USA and the EU to strongly rely on landfills. The active, courageous implementation of the government goals set by China significantly reduces the greenhouse gases produced by landfilling. The emissions from the incinerator are much lower, partly due to the "recycling" of the energy and metals contained in the waste.

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