Workshop training on Waste-to-Energy for North Africa

Training to members of government to educate them about best practices on waste management

Global WtERT Council

Following the COP27 in Egypt, our network was represented by our sister organization, Cairo University leaded by Prof. Mohy Mansour, and one of the post-COP27 action was to organize a training to members of government especially in North Africa to educate them about best practices on waste management and how to recover energy and materials using best available technologies suitable for Africa.

Therefore with collaboration of our partners from China, Zhejiang University and key leading Industry player Everbright Environment, Prof. Li Xiaodong of Zhejiang University and Reda Kabbaj of the Global WtERT Council organized from 5th to 6th of December a successful training workshop for Ministries and government agencies from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, the proceeding of the training is on the link bellow:

There were between 60 to 80 participants from governments representing 3 countries (Morocco/Tunisia/Egypt) who attended the training each day.