October 2022 EEC/WTERT Bi-Annual Conference took place in New York

"Sustainable Waste Management: The Forefront of Innovation" was the topic under which Prof. Marco Castaldi's organising team gathered a wide range of presentations from around the world:

The contributions at the City College of New York ranged from Doug Wicks' "ARPA-E's vision about MSW WTE facilities of the future" to the general "Modernising Waste-to-Energy-Plant Control System" of ACE Inc. An update of the "Palm Beach County Facility inspired the visitors as well as J.Appleby's "Overview of best Practices about optimising metals recoveries".

International contributions from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Brazil underlined the ambition of an international conference and the performance of WTE facilities in reducing green house gas. 

My thanks for this great conference go to Marco and Snehesh and his whole team.

This and following pictures: Werner Bauer, Head of WtERT Germany and Vice President GWC 

From left: Prof. Nickolas Themelis, President of Global WtERT Council,
Michael an Brunt Vice President, Environment and Sustainability, Covanta,
Yuri Schmidtke, Head if WtERT Brazil
and Reda Kabbaj, Head of WTERT Canada and Vice President GWC

Prof. Marco Castaldi