Better structures for the collection of household waste and recyclables in Tunisia

Under the leadership of Fraunhofer, WtERT Germany has brought its project of collection points in three cities in Tunisia to an initial conclusion.

WtERT Germany GmbH

Under the name Îl de Proprete, waste collection was revolutionized in Siliana, in Tabarka and in Doaur HIcher. Even the facility itself, designed by the internationally recognized artist Markus Heinsdorff, is intended to change the population's attitude towards waste.

The supervised collection points are to dispose of a catchment area of about 500 inhabitants and ensure that waste no longer litter the streetscape.
As the following picture shows, waste in Tunisia is collected directly from the streets. The garbage cans are often not intact and barbechas (free garbage collectors from the informal sector) look for recyclables from the bags or from the overturned garbage cans.

This situation needed to be improved, which was demonstrated by the new collection points as a model example. In the Îl de Proprete, the tasks of street cleaning, waste collection are reconciled with the behavior of the population. The guardian (Gard) of the place takes care of the cleanliness of the facility, that the garbage cans are collected on time and informs the population what should be brought better separated in the future, in order to increase step by step the proportion of recyclables from the waste.

But this is only one aspect of the entire consultation in Tunisia. Read the Fraunhofer press release about the entire project:
Fraunhofer develops sustainable waste management for Tunisia