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bvse-Network supports Waste Management Project in Africa

In West African Togo, people and the environment suffer from a major waste problem. Since there are no disposal structures, waste simply ends up on the streets. Sanvi Sodji, who studies in Germany, wants to change this situation in his home country.


Photo (f.l.t.r.) Björn Becker, Sanvi Sodji, Hubert Laakmann und Kathrin Laakmann Bild: Torsten Tschöke, Giesker & Laakmann GmbH & Co.KG
Copyright: Tschöke
After the future bachelor graduate, who was born in Germany, talked about the search for an internship in a German waste management company, about the conditions in his home country Togo and about his plan to gradually establish a functioning waste collection system there, the Bremen entrepreneur and bvse vice-president Björn Becker quickly aroused the willingness to support the ambitious project of Sanvi.
This aims to be a help-to-self help project. With an used garbage truck and at least 1,000 rubbish bins, the student initially wants to start setting up a garbage collection system in a district of the capital of his home country, Lomé, with a population of around 150,000. This will provide employment in the country, which is characterised by high unemployment. In addition, he wants to use information campaigns to encourage local people to collect waste properly and keep the environment clean. The revenue from the sale of the collected waste or from a state subsidy for the transfer of the waste to an external state landfill is to be used to reinvest in new social projects, to support people in need and to give a new perspective for the future by education.
This project cannot be implemented solely with know-how and good will. The entrepreneur Björn Becker knew that further sponsors had to be found. For this reason, Becker, who is involved in the bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung as vice-president, also brought the project idea into the local network. The willingness to support the sustainable project with monetary and material donations quickly met with a great response there.
With the help of a generous monetary donation of the bvse president and managing director of the Reiling group, Bernhard Reilling, as well as a supplementing money donation of the bvse, a used garbage truck could be acquired fast for the project.
As if that wasn't enough, bvse CEO Eric Rehbock and Vice President Björn Becker addressed further network contacts to ensure that the first batches of waste containers were made available, which are also urgently needed for the success of the project.
After the presentation of the project idea, Dr. Armin Vogel, Managing Director of the SSI Schäfer Group, spontaneously agreed to provide 150 fully functional waste bins  free of charge for the project.  The GOA Gesellschaft im Ostalbkreis für Abfallbewirtschaftung mbH, with its managing director and bvse board member Henry Forster, and Richard Becker Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

Andreas Nieweler, Managing Director of Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH in Bassum, also provided around 100 additional waste bins for the Togo project, knowing that even used but still functional waste bins, which otherwise go to recycling, are also suitable for the Togo waste management project.

The family business, Spedition Giesker & Laakmann GmbH & Co KG, with its managing director Hubert Laakmann, is currently organising the transport of the donations in kind. Hubert Laakmann is also the 1st chairman of the association "A smile for Togo". Convinced of the social projects that the young African Sanvi and his father have already successfully carried out under the auspices of the non-governmental organisation AMEPT (Association Mieux Etres Pour Tous), the successful company Giesker & Laakmann GmbH & Co.KG has been supporting the help for self-help projects for more than two and a half years. In 2016, the members of the Laakmann family founded the association "A smile for Togo". Among other things, the association ensures that donations of money and goods arrive directly in Togo.  It is planned that the vehicle and the aids will set sail for Togo in May.

The association "A smile for Togo", founded in November 2016, supports an orphan village near Yovokope in Togo with donations in cash and kind. With the donations, projects in the fields of education, medical care and the improvement of agriculture are sustainably implemented. The association currently has 23 volunteer members.

Donations in kind are accepted daily from 8.00 to 17.00 o'clock at the forwarding agency Giesker & Laakmann, Buxtrup 5, 48301 Nottuln. The association receives monetary donations on the account of the savings bank Westmünsterland IBAN: DE96 4015 4530 0038 4637 74.

Find out more about the project >>>here

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bvse-Network supports Waste Management Project in Africa

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