Hedwig Vielreicher

Networking, International Cooperation, Waste Management, Knowledge Management, Health, Savety and Environment

Hedwig Vielreicher

WtERT Germany GmbH
81373 Munich

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English, German, Thai

Thematic field of expertise:
Sustainability, Climate

Geographical field of expertise:
Germany, Thailand

Thematic field of interest:
Sustainability, Climate, Resource management

Geographical field of interest:
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand

Detailed description of working activity

Developing wtert.net as a decision support system of waste management.

Current activity

ia-GmbH, Germany
Hedwig Vielreicher, Coaching Moderation Projekte

Former activities

Project and Organizational Development for Global Partners Bayern e.V., International Cooperation in Research and Development for Fraunhofer-Society, Planning of Biogas Plants for GTZ German Association for Technology Exchange , Planning of Sludge Treatment Plants for Gesellschaft für Abwasserwirtschaft mbH und UET Umwelt Energietechnik GmbH


Chemical Engineer, Technical University Munich, Germany
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Coach, CoachingAcademie Bielefeld, Germany


Fraunhofer Alumni
MinD, Mensa in Deutschland e.V.
Wirtschaftsforum Oberland e.V.