Ph.D, Professor, Mohy Saad Mansour

Major fields of research: energy, combustion, laser applications in laminar- turbulent-reacting flows and material technology, and combustion systems.

Ph.D, Professor, Mohy Saad Mansour
Professor (Emeritus)

Cairo University
Mechanical Power Engineering Department

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Arabic, English

Thematic field of expertise:
Energy Recovery, Pollution Control, Sustainability, Climate, Hazardous Waste, Mixed Waste, Methods, Analyses, Data

Geographical field of expertise:
Egypt, United States of America

Detailed description of working activity

Prof. Mansour can attract national and international research funds. He is in close contact with his students at AUC and Cairo University. Teaching is not only his profession to Prof. Mansour but it is also his hobby.

Current activity

Professor (Emeritus) Mechanical Power Engineering Department. Cairo University

Former activities

Professor Mechanical Engineering Department – The American University in Cairo
Professor Mechanical Power Engineering Department - Cairo University
Vice President Education and Students Affairs - Beni-Suef University
Dean Faculty of Engineering - BeniSuef University


Ph.D. Studies in Turbulent Hydrocarbon Flames in a Reverse Flow Reactor
Mechanical Engineering Department – The University of Sydney
M.Sc. Spray Formation and Entrainment Characteristics in Liquid Fuel Sprays of Diesel Engines
Mechanical Power Engineering Department – Cairo University
B.Sc. Distinction with honor
Mechanical Power Engineering Department – Cairo University


Chair of the Egyptian section of the combustion institute, one of the International Combustion Institute sections, USA
Member of the scientific council of the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer “ICHMT”
Combustion Institute, USA (International)
Co-chairing the Mediterranean Combustion Symposium, since 2001
Co-Chair of the International Exergy, Energy, and Environmental Symposium (IEEES-5) 2011.
Fellow of the Combustion Institute
Member Syndicate of Engineers, Egypt
Editorial board, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion Journal