Professor, PhD Xiaodong Li

Waste to Energy

Professor, PhD Xiaodong Li
Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Zhejiang University
State Key Laboratory of Energy Clean Utilization,
Institute for Thermal Power Engineering
310027 Hangzhou

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Chinese, English

Thematic field of expertise:
Energy Recovery, Sustainability, Climate, Resource management, Mixed Waste

Geographical field of expertise:

Detailed description of working activity

He mainly devotes himself in basic researches like waste incineration and utilization, generation and control of persistent organic pollutants (POPs, especially dioxin), environmental pollution risk assessment, low temperature plasma in energy and environment etc.

Current activity

Professor and a doctoral tutor of College of Energy Engineering in Zhejiang University
Director of the Education and Training Committee of the International Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT).
Expert member of the Environmental Protection Standards Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
Executive director of the Incineration Professional Committee of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI).

Former activities

1996.12, promoted to associate professor.
2000.12, promoted to professor.
2001, approved as a doctoral tutor.
2003.10~2003.12, visited the National Hazardous Waste Management Research Laboratory as a senior visiting scholar.

Expert of the National Coordination Group for the implementation of the Stockholm Convention
Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Finland National Material Value Chain Project.
2006.9~2007.3, temporary post in the City Environment Management Office, City Construction Department, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


1987.7, bachelor in thermal power engineering in Zhejiang University.
1989.12, master in engineering.
1994.12, PhD in engineering. Stayed in school for teaching and research.


Member of the Professional Committee of Persistent Organic Pollutants of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences
Member of the Industrial Solid Waste Special Committee of CAEPI.