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Dr. Jeffrey Le Blanc

Dr. Jeffrey Le Blanc


United States of America


Thematic focus:

Geographical focus:
United States of America

Detailed description of working activity

Product development in cathodic protection of pipelines (e.g. paints, grease)

Current activity

Advance Products and Systems, May 2019 - Present
Member of WtERT USA

Former activities

Research Experience

Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. 2017-2019
Developed a process for making food-grade sugar directly from clarified
sugarcane juice in collaboration with University of Louisiana
Developed a process for recovering brine from ion exchange regenerant
Trained a chemical engineering Ph.D. student on design of experiments

CCNY Combustion and Catalysis Lab 2012-2016
Investigated kinetics of coal pyrolysis and secondary coke production reactions
Developed novel in-situ techniques for pyrolysis and biochar systems

CCNY Printed Electrochemical Engineering Lab 2011-2012
Designed, built and tested Zn-MnO2 batteries with various additives, cell confinements, and flow-assistance.

Engineering Experience

Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. January 2019- May 2019
Applied Research Director on several sugarcane milling & refining projects

Suncoke Energy (project) 2013-2016
Primary POC for a multi-year research program on pyrolysis of bituminous coals

Sustainable Waste Power Systems (project) 2014-2016
Consulting for a hydrothermal carbonization and steam gasification system
Designed bench-scale hydrothermal carbonization unit for wet waste processing

Innoveering, LLC. (project) 2015-2016
Assisted with pilot-testing on various catalytic fuel reforming projects

Golden Renewable Energy (project) 2015
Consulting on a nonrecycled plastic to drop-in fuel process (via pyrolysis)

Covanta Energy (project) 2015
Researched beneficial uses and processing of waste-to-energy plants ash

Advance Products and Systems (internship) 2011
Developed Excel sheet calculators for engineering, drafting, and sales

Teaching Experience

University of Louisiana, Chemical Engineering Department 2017-2018

Courses: Materials of Engineering (CHEE 317), Chemical Engineering Lab I & II (CHEE 403, 404), Process Control in Chemical Engineering (CHEE 413), Chemical, Reaction Engineering (CHEE 420)


The City College of New York: Ph.D., Chemical Engineering 2016

Dissertation “Slow Pyrolysis Experiments for High Yields of Solid Carbon”

University of Louisiana Bachelors, Chemical Engineering 2011


American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)