Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

I focus the "AND" between Material and Energy Recovery

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer
Managing Director

WtERT Germany GmbH
81373 München

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English, German, Spanish

Thematic field of expertise:
No Littering - Clean Cities, Collection, Landfilling, Material Recovery, Policy Tax Instruments, Reuse, Reduce, Sustainability, Climate, Biomass, Construction Waste, Mixed Waste, Close dumps, Awareness - Training

Geographical field of expertise:
Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Tunisia

Thematic field of interest:
Electronic Waste

Geographical field of interest:
Lebanon, Oman, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Detailed description of working activity

Founder of the network of German municipalities ForumZ
International consultant in Waste to Energy (fermentation, 3R, landfill)

Current activity

Vice President Gobal WtERT Council (GWC)
Managing Director of WtERT Germany GmbH

Managing Director of ia GmbH - Wissensmanagement und Ingenieurleistungen

Former activities

2000 to 2002 Director of knowledge management B.A.U.M. AG
since 1985 Managing Director


Dipl.-Ing.(TU), studies of Civil Engineering - Technical University of Munich


Vice President Development of Global WtERT Council, New York
Member of Board Forum Feldafing e.V.
Vice Chairman of Board CReED e.V.