The III Pan American Waste to Energy 2020 Conference

02.12.2020 - 04.12.2020 | Hybrid (face-to-face in Medellín and virtual)

The event will be held in a hybrid, face-to-face and virtual way, taking advantage of the possibilities of both modalities to facilitate both national and international participation as well as interactions between attendees and the presence of a large group of commercial companies and sponsors.


Event objective

The event objective is to serve as a platform for transferring knowledge to municipalities, government entities, landfill operators, waste collecting and handling service providers, electric power generation companies and other entities interested in learning about alternatives to solve the great problem of final disposal of solid waste in the country and in the American continent. There is great potential not only for Colombia, but also for Latin America, with Waste to Energy plants that will benefit companies, the state and society. These themes will be presented in the event. 

Main subjects of event:

  1. Technical, environmental and financial structuring of WTE projects
  2. Design and construction criteria for WTE plants in large and medium-sized cities in Latin America and the Caribbean region.
  3. Intelligent waste management under 4th industrial revolution.
  4. Biogas production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.
  5. Energy use from municipal solid waste.
  6. Technologies of separation and classification plants for municipal solid waste.
  7. By-products and their marketing in municipalities.
  8. Technical and process innovations in WTE projects.
  9. Fuel production from municipal waste.
  10. Recovery of recyclable materials in WTE plants.
  11. Research and studies related to energy recovery from waste,transformation techniques and the processes, materials and equipment used.
  12. Regulations and rules applicable to WTE and related matters

Poster presentation and presentations

Researchers from universities, research centers, companies and entities are invited to participate as speakers giving lectures or presenting posters. The works must be related to the topics mentioned above.The works may be presented in Spanish and English. The presentations will last 15 minutes with an additional five minutes for questions. There is an academic committee that will approve the presentations and posters, based on summaries sent by the interested parties,of no more than 300 words in length, accompanied by the names and contact details of the authors.

Abstracts will be received until September 15, 2020 and approval response will be given before October 15, 2020. Once their abstracts have been approved, the authors must formally register for the event and send their final works in PDF format before November 15, 2020.

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Professionals: $ 400,000 face-to-face / $ 150,000 virtual

UPS partners: $ 350,000 face-to-face / $ 120,000 virtual

SAI partners: $ 300,000 face-to-face / $ 100,000 virtual

Students and teachers of undergraduate: $ 100,000 face-to-face/ $ 50,000 virtual

General public face-to-face: $ 150

Virtual general public: $ 50



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