No advice please!

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

How do you feel about that? Getting advice as the years go by is the last straw. Perhaps combined with "this is how you save the world or at least your soul ... if you "avoid plastic", "don't eat meat", "consume less". In Germany, the country without a speed limit, you could add the advice "not to drive faster than 130 km/h”. I like to be spontaneous in my decisions. And free! I hate interference in my sovereignty. My new car has a device that recognizes speed limits and can automatically adjust the speed. Fortunately, I can deactivate this gimmick. What I do welcome, however, is the information about speed limits. Because I don't want to be flashed on the highway if I'm speeding just because I overlooked a speed limit.

I am deeply convinced that information and knowledge about interrelationships change more than laws. Information about whether I can recycle a product is also important to me and influences my behavior. In this respect, the "High-tech Methane Alert and Response System (MARS)" is my most important piece of information from 2023. It provides the first public data and proves huge potential for slashing emissions and driving climate action. Our task in WtERT could then focus on showing at the COP28 that, among other things methane emissions from U.S. landfills alone match those from the entire agricultural sector in the country.
With the following link >>> you can read our letter to Her Excellency Dr. Sutan Ahmed Al Jaber, Cop 28 President-Designate UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, Minister of Industry and Advance Technology Dubai, UAE.
An excerpt:
"According to current greenhouse gas inventories, landfills are the largest source of anthropogenic methane worldwide, accounting for approximately 11% of estimated global methane emission. … Building Infrastructure for organics diversion will lead to an immediate reduction in methane production at the source ". More knowledge about Waste Management in Brazil and in China can be found in the letter.
I would like to thank you all for the many encounters in 2023, the invitation to Hangzhou, which gave me a fascinating insight into a great country and its upright pursuit of sustainable waste management, and finally I would like to refer to the greetings from Professor Marco Castaldi and the Earth Engineering Center|CCNY …
Stay steady and healthy!
Werner Bauer
Vice President WtERT Global Council


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