To Mitigate GHG

Training in Sustainable waste management is important

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

The remaining carbon dioxide budget is the amount of CO2 (including the equivalents of nitrous oxide and methane) that humanity should still emit in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius with a probability of 50 percent.

According to new calculations published in the journal Nature Climate Change, this budget is only half the size of the IPCC's estimates; around 250 instead of 500 gigatons of CO2.¹

This means that with today's emissions of around 40 gigatons of CO2 per year, this budget would be used up within 6 years. The study also mentions remaining maximum quantities of CO2 for the weaker 2.0 degrees, but these are probably not really recognized by politicians.

But in view of the wars in the world, how is it possible to make the population, environmental associations and those directly affected understand that the proper handling of waste protects the climate? If this is true, how can it be that the EU, for example, does not implement the Landfill Regulations more strictly? How can it be that the fathers of the new Battery Ordinance cannot bring themselves to ban disposable cigarettes (VAPOS)? Or, in view of the increasing number of fires in the recycling chain for lithium-ion batteries, postpone the mandatory deposit demanded by the associations?

But there is now some light in the darkness. The university town of Tübingen in Germany fought for a packaging tax for a long time and won in court. Information for interested imitators can be found here >>>. Since July 3, 2021, products made from single-use plastic may no longer be manufactured in the EU. This is the end of plastic cutlery, polystyrene trays and co.

WtERT will continue to highlight correlations (see Gallenbach landfill case study), disseminate excellent examples (see ZMS case study) and repeatedly point out that non-recycled residues must be thermally recycled in order to be able to dispense with methane-emitting landfills as soon as possible. We bring together the essential information and have been providing targeted training for employees in the industry for years, as our cover story for this newsletter impressively demonstrates.



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