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Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

My last contribution was discussed controversially, ranging from "nonsense - delete immediately" to "very helpful in the first phases of pulling together information". What makes me stick to the topic is that I have not received any response from the scientific community in particular, despite personal questions. The scientific community in particular is highly irritated by ChatGPT because it is difficult to distinguish real research texts from the polished answers of an artificial chatbot. On the other hand, OpenAI also only maps the content of human knowledge that has so far been researchable via freely accessible text on the internet.

Aware that we live in times of Fake News and deliberate falsehoods, I decided to stay on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. The International waste management field is excellent for testing once again the degree of truth of OpenAI. As I have learned, there is enormous uncertainty in the field of Zero Waste, for example. How can the significance of what can really be achieved with the strategy of reducing waste towards zero be distinguished from the fascination of the term "Zero Waste"?
What does "zero waste" actually mean? I have asked OpenAI and shown you. Let me say in advance: I can live with these statements. An open discussion can start here!
The statement: "It is important to approach zero waste initiatives with a realistic understanding of their limitations and challenges, while still striving to make progress towards a more sustainable and circular economy." could do credit to any PhD thesis on the subject.
Research is enormously time-consuming. Nevertheless, we have made an effort to find out about the implementation of some zero waste projects and to report on them.
Werner Bauer
Member of Board of Directors of GWC
P.S.: EU leaders are currently discussing the Artificial Intelligence Act, a legislative package for dealing with artificial intelligence in Europe.


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