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Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

Our founder and longtime President Nikolas J. Themelis – still member of the GWC Board of Directors - handed over the presidency of Global WtERT Council to Prof Q. Huang. In the following letters both Prof. Nickolas J. Themelis and Prof. Q. Huang address the friends and all members in the global WtERT network:

Letter of Prof. Nickolas Themelis:
Dear friends:
 After heading WtERT since its inception in 2002, I am pleased to announce that as of December 1, 202 2, Professor Qunxing Huang, Vice Dean, College of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University has taken over as President of the non-profit corporation Global WtERT Council, Inc. Prof. Huang has published over one hundred papers on all aspects of thermal processing of wastes. The Zhejiang University WTE laboratories and pilot plants are of the finest in the world (
Prof. Huang will also chair the Board of Directors of GWC, Inc., consisting of:
-    Mr. Werner Bauer, President of WtERT Germany GmbH, developer of the Decision Support System (DSS), the WtERT depository of all technical information and news about sustainable waste management, worldwide (,
-    Prof. Marco Castaldi, Chair of WtERT-USA, hosted at City College of New York, and Director of the Earth Engineering Center of City College of New York (
-    Mr. M. Reda Kabbaj, co-Chair of WtERT-Canada, hosted at Concordia University in Montreal and member of advisory board of Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems (CIWESS) (
-    Prof. Nickolas J. Themelis, founder of WtERT and of the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University (
-    Mr. Yuri Schmitke AB Tisi, President of WtERT-Brasil and of ABREN (
 Plans are under way for the inaugural meeting for the future of WtERT World congress to take place in Hangzhou, China, probably at the last week of October 2023. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and is known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.
 Best regards to all, Nickolas J. Themelis

Letter of Prof. Huang:

Dear friends,
 I am Qunxing Huang, a full professor of Zhejiang University and it is my great honor and pleasure to continue the legend of WtERT started by Prof. Themelis, 20 years ago.
 I was born in a typical Chinese small town and got my Ph.D from Zhejiang University located in the big city of Hangzhou. From a small town to a megacity, I deeply recognized the importance of clean and efficient treatment of solid waste to the health of the people. In the past 15 years since I became a faculty of energy engineering college, I have devoted myself to the development and implementation of WTE technology which, I believe, is the only industrial solution to the global massive problem of post-recycling wastes.
 Since I first joined WtERT in  2012, we  have experienced a tremendous expansion of WTE in China. Now over 500 plants are operating and 180 million tons of solid waste were combusted with energy recovery in 2021. The WTE story in China can be a good example for many other countries.
 Prof. Themelis has led WtERT in contributing hundreds of technical papers and theses on sustainable waste management. His contribution has changed many people’s opinion on WTE. As the new President of GWC, I will work hard with the GWC Board and the management of the WtERT national organizations to fulfil the mission of GWC to advance the technical and scientific knowledge about WTE, enhance cooperation with other organizations, and support cities to establish circular economy aiming at net-zero waste future.
 I believe WtERT will become the most important global network to bring together engineers, scientists and managers from industry and academia to identify and advance the best available WTE technologies.
 Let’s work together for our next generation and for a better world!
 With best regards
 Qunxing Huang
 February 16, 2023


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