A Real View on Waste Management

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

I went to the cinema on January 1st to see the new film by James Cameron.
"Avatar - Departure to Pandora" was a huge success with a worldwide record box-office of more than 2.9 billion US$ and I was hoping for at least some visionary ideas from "Avatar 2" on how to get out of the colonial resources hunt. Briefly: the 3D spectacle was disappointing for me. It was unfortunate that one of the world's most successful directors had nothing more to say about the future of humanity than that it must leave the earth.
The director probably has no idea about Energy and Material Recovery. Or he has lost faith in the rationality of people. Currently, the world spends at least 150 times as much money on destroying nature - $3.1 trillion annually - as was pledged for nature conservation at the December 2022 World Conference on Nature* in Montreal.
My recommendation: forget the movie. Instead of watching dystopian movies with 3-D glasses, dedicate yourself (as before?) to sustainable waste management. Work to reduce all those misguided grants and investments. Instead of dumping waste, let's use it as recyclables or energy. And let's build our future (see AVATAR II) on this planet instead of conquering other planets, continents, or countries.
This is my last newsletter with Prof. Themelis as President of the Global WtERT Council. In February, WtERT will introduce itself to you with Prof. Qunxing Huang, Hangzhou as the new president in a new organization and many new tasks.
Be inspired by WtERT
Werner Bauer
VP Development GWC
*) Press release of the German Bundestag from 02 January 2023 about an interview with Prof. J.C. Vogel Director General of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin


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