WtERT Network Represented at IFAT 2022 with Feedback from the Fair

The Future of the World Depends on How Openly We Work Together!

Hedwig Vielreicher

Open collaboration across diverse regions, countries and continents only works with full recognition and appreciation between all participants.  This diversity of ideas and solutions in waste management is represented by the WtERT Network.
WtERT Network was represented from May 30th to June 3rd at the IFAT, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, taking place at the Trade Fair in Munich, Germany.  Respectful coexistence of ideas and impulses complements each other to create a sustainable circular economy.  That we are thinking about the climate and thus emphasize all approaches of energy recovery explains our name.

WtERT Germany took part with an open appealing booth concept, with many visitors from Italy, India, USA, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Netherlands, etc. And of course also from German municipalities and companies.

Besides fruitful discussions with Dr. Johann Fellner from Technical University of Vienna about cooperation and participation as WtERT Austria, many international guests visited our booth. These included:

Yuri Schmidtke, Head of WtERT Brazil and Flavio Arantes Martos, Second Secretary of WtERT for Brazil
 Werner Bauer, Flavio Arantes, Yuri Schmidtke
Lithuanian Delegation, Mr. Eriks Timpars from Latvia, to deepen the information from the strategy paper for the Baltic States " Impulses for a Sustainable Waste Management - Strategy Paper Baltic States"
Werner Bauer with visitors, including Eriks Timpars
Professor Dr. jur. Helmut Maurer from the Directorat General for the environmant, EU Comission, with discussions on the EU Taxonomy.
Professor Dr. jur. Helmut Maurer
Gerrit Dortland, Netherlands, and Curt Boling, USA, Watershed GEO, American landfill project, further cooperation with WtERT.
Curt Boling, Gerrit Dortland, Werner Bauer
Jerome Friler, USA, Hedwig Vielreicher
Werner Bauer, Laurynas Virbickas, RATC, Kauno, Lithuania

Marco Zingaro, Innovando s.r.l., Vicenza, Italy
Hedwig Vielreicher, Andi Andörfer, Germany
Marc Thiele W., Chile
Mr. Madero


Hi Hedwig, IFAT was great. Many thanks for your help.
27.09.2022 15:02:49

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