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Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

Selected case studies, recommendations from WtERT experts, abstracts of scientific papers, partner companies and experts, and also news and events form the content of the WtERT DSS. You are welcome to use and discuss this to form your own knowledge. Please be aware that photos and papers have copyrights. 
WtERT content is developed with multiple partners from science and industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations, in addition to all the WtERT representatives in selected countries, who mostly work at universities and science-related institutions. 

Currently, it is possible to contact WtERT partner companies via the provided telephone number. As of October 2022, contact data will be reorganized. Access to details on our experts and partner companies such as telephone number or email address will then only be available after registration. 

We organize our content according to "Materials", "Technologies" and "Strategies" and offer direct access to content according to selected countries.

By using search options (filters), scientific articles, topic-related news as well as selected case studies are suggested to support your problem solving. These case studies or best practices are real projects in specific locations and thus describe possible approaches to a solution. With one click, you can identify the actors and competence holders who, as a municipality, company or other organisation, have realized this project. 

Registration in WtERT is free. To become a WtERT-Member you can register here and enter some basic data about your person. By registering, your personal profile will be automatically generated. 

If you agree, your profile will be shown on Please fill in some information that will be useful in communication with other members and upload your picture.


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