Let‘s talk about responsibility – even in times of war!

Who is respsonible and for what?

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

People should be free to do and consume what they want, but it is their responsibility to do so in full awareness of the environmental impacts.
States have the obligation to tame the greed of companies and to establish tax and steering systems, making sustainable behavior worthwhile.
States also have the responsibility to balance economy, ecology with the concerns of the people and to maintain harmonious relationships with other states.
Our hearts are with the many deaths and much suffering in the Ukraine and we strongly condemn this war. It is deeply regrettable and another tragedy of humanity that in this conflict*) between East and West, a peaceful solution was not found.
In deep concern
Werner Bauer, VP Strategic GWC
for the WtERT Management Team  
*) please also read Henry Kissinger in Washington Post


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