Getting the Job Done: U.S. Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions

More than 80 countries joined an initiative of the USA and the EU in Glasgow.

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

From the European point of view, agriculture is the largest source of methane. The countries (of the EU) can change this by introducing other grant conditions for agriculture (livestock, taxation, ...). By reducing the consumption of meat, we can all act ourselves immediately.

The U.S. Action Plan also takes aim at methane emissions from landfills—the second largest industrial source of methane:

• Building on efforts earlier this year to put in place an enforceable federal backstop plan to ensure emissions reductions from large municipal landfills, EPA is ramping up an initiative to reduce the food loss and waste that serves as a major contributor to landfill methane emissions. 

• EPA is also boosting its voluntary landfill methane outreach program to achieve a national goal of 70% methane emissions capture for all landfills around the country.

A great plan to address all the tools of the Circular Society. Let's work together!

Yours, Werner Bauer


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