How to work together

For example in Brazil

M.Sc. Yuri Schmitke A. B. Tisi

The mission of this collaboration is to bring all experts together to change Brazil´s waste and living situation for the better.  Let us all be inspired and share case studies from around the world referring to material and energy recovery, to new ideas of sampling and collecting and even bring in all the power of zero waste initiatives. 

Now - to find new ways to deal with 36 million tons of waste per year, 36 million tons that today are still deposited in Brazilian landfills, is a huge task that all the actors in Brazil and the international community only can master together.  This collaboration with WtERT Brazil is also a call for national and international experts, science, companies, municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations to contribute what they know about various and complementary means of waste disposal in regard to material AND energy recovery, i.e. Zero waste concepts and experiences about appropriate ways to collect what is left, plastic recycling, composting plants, fermentation plants and power plants as well as landfill remediation. 

Our vision for Brazil´s future is jointly dancing samba on closed landfills and the certainty that the people from the informal sector have found jobs in a new circular society.

By Yuri Schmitke A. Belchior Tisi, President of WtERT Brazil
Rubens Herbert Aebi, Vice President of WtERT Brazil 
Werner Bauer Vice President of Global WtERT Council 


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