The World is Awakening

Substantial changes have taken place.

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

The world has awoken and is becoming more and more aware of the limited resources on our mother earth. My impression is that not only has human awareness changed, but also the uproar is getting stronger. Why else would thousands of teenagers go out to protest on the streets, what would persuade scientists to gather signatures and facts to back the "Fridays for Future" movement professionally, and what would alter the political scene in such a way, if not for the concern of the future.

During this ongoing change, we have recognized that it is imperative to regard and present waste management even more under the aspect of its influence on climate change.

How WtERT is aiming to achieve a sustainable waste management and is thereby already now working on the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, can be viewed in the following items.


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