Vision [vɪ.ʒ(ə)n]

About Meanings and Action

Dipl.-Ing.(TU) Werner P. Bauer

In guiding principles for Zero Waste Cities, one can sometimes read: „Zero Waste means sending next to nothing to landfills and incinerators”.  From my background, two things are wrong here.  These are the "next to nothing” and the equalization of "landfill and incinerators”.  For a final sink both are necessary - landfill for poison inert waste and an incineration plant for combustible waste that cannot be used for further material recycling.  

That is why our WtERT Decision Support System focuses on the claim "Material AND Energy Recovery”.  It is the "AND” that is important.  This "AND” includes Zero Waste Strategies which entail the importance of final sinks.  Otherwise, zero waste would be a hallucination.  In my belief, this would be a shame. 

Therefore, please be honest in your waste management strategies and be aware that it is necessary to reduce and/or to reuse waste wherever and whenever possible.


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