Project Starylas, liquids treated in Poland

Most important for long term reliable solutions are questions related to quantity and quality of foreseen liquids, which needs to be treated on site, in combi-nation with local discharge condition.


Based on long term strategy for the waste management site WEHRLE include into design future options for later extension or modification to treat additional liquids like waste water from MBT – installations – such as digestate from fermentation of biowaste. 
This was also main task in project STARYLAS, Poland, in 2016 in combination with refurbishment of an already old existing treatment unit. WEHRLE created a long term reliable solution incl. an elimination unit by a high performance MBR to reduce backload of toxic nitrogen (ammonia) on landfill within highly polluted concentrate by existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Existing RO unit was included in overall conception reducing further volumetric amount of biological treated re-maining concentrate from posttreatment Nanofiltration (NF). Further hydraulic extension of 50% was included in overall concept and design.
The WEHRLE solution was designed and realized for main data below from site as follows (extract):

Based on data above WEHRLE defines general indication of project STARYLAS as follows:
Quantity: small size installation
Quality: medium contamination, standard "quality figures” in EU (anaerobic landfill mid-size age, to be extended; combined and beneficial treatment of various liquids from waste management center)
Discharge requirements: high - directly to river ! post treatment after MBR needed (COD < 200 mg/l) salts can mainly be discharged !
Process: BIOMEMBRAT® + NF/RO (containerized) usage of existing storage tanks, realizing new biological concrete tanks with containerized filtration units plus sludge treatment / cooling system

Process flow diagram for WEHRLE installation STARYLAS with concrete tanks, filtration UF/NF and dewatering containerized
Clients benefits:
  • true elimination of liquid contamination to N2 and CO2
  • regulated and constant dewatering of landfill
  • existing RO reduces volume of remaining concentrate
  • life–cycle solution, modular and extendable
  • acceptable operational costs, local WEHRLE support
WEHRLE installation STARYLAS, POLAND (2016) with concrete tanks, filtration UF/NF and dewatering containerized