Composting of Bio-waste in Tallinn, Estonia

The Tallinna Jäätmete Taaskasutuskeskus AS plant in Tallinn uses the GORE® Cover System Technology in order to compost bio-waste and chicken manure whilst reducing odors and emissions.


Ten GORE® Cover system units in the intensive rotting phase have been installed since 2006 starting up with four on-floor units. Nowadays ten GORE® Cover Systems are running in-floor.
Site name: Tallinna Jäätmete Taaskasutuskeskus AS
Ownership: see above

Location: Rebala, 74222 Harju maakond; Estonia

Start-Up: December 2006
Total Design Capacity: 20.000 t/y total (mixed material)
Site Size (Total Property Area): app. 256.000 m², including landfill
Compost Pad Area: app. 3.300 m²
Type of Structure Material: Green Waste (Yard/Garden Debris).
overscreen from Sieved Residue
Mix Ratio (by weight): 1:1

Technology: GORE® Cover system / heap design
Design by: UTV AG, Germany
No. of total Heaps: 10 heaps
Treatment time:
- 4 weeks in phase 1 under GORE® Cover (high rate composting)
- 4 weeks in phase 2 under GORE® Cover (high rate composting)
- 4 weeks in phase 3, open windrow with Turner (maturation)
Process temperatures: up to 75°C
Aeration: In-Floor, positive aeration
Control Parameters: Oxygen Control Mode with Temperature Monitoring

End Product: fraction < 10 mm into storage of finished products
different blendings before marketing
(> 10 mm back into composting process)
•    In 2004 the site started the first trial with aerobic composting of bio-waste and chicken feathers
•    2006 the site started with four heaps
•    2008 the site extended by further two heaps
•    2009 following four heaps are installed
•    Each heap is at 30 m x 8 m x 2,3 m (l x b x h)